Sedamen AAA+ (Smalls)

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Sedamen a.k.a Pink Kush from MedReleaf won top Indica strain at the 2017 Lift Canadian Cannabis Awards. Pink Kush as a whole is a highly coveted strain by medical and recreational users alike. No one is certain of the strains exact lineage, but most believe it likely descends (at least partially) from the legendary OG Kush strain. Pink Kush has grown vastly in popularity as of recent times, but is most popular in Canada and the Pacific Northwest United States.
Sedamen projects a very earthy and distinctly pungent Kush smell reminiscent of classic Kush strains. There are notes of diesel, pungent grassy scents and sugary citrus aromas that twist together creating a zesty perfume.
True to it’s Pink Kush phenotype, Sedamen greets the consumer with the traditional undertones of sugary sweetness, earthy sweetgrass, and flowery taste similar to the aroma of tulips that linger after the exhale. These sweet undertones however are overseen by slightly cheesier traditional Kush flavors with subtle sweet berry notes.
Leaning towards the Indica side of this traditionally hybrid strain with extremely powerful body-focused effects that can help numb pain and lull even the most restless into a deep sleep. Due to the high potency of this strain, small amounts can get the job done. The cerebral effects amplify sounds and colors allowing one to chillout, relax and vibe. If for any reason this strain does not knock you out after 30 minutes, a powerful onset of munchies will occur, having you visit the pantry multiple times. 

Plant type: Indica

Subcategory: Dried Flower

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