Black Cherry Soda AAAA

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As the strain name implies, Black Cherry Soda is sweet as soda pop in more ways than one! This hybrid strain has a distinct and stunning appearance. It is also beloved for its unique flavour. With the added bonus of not skimping out on potency, this strain does it all! Looking for a day-time strain that helps you stay focused, creative, and euphoric? Want to relax and soothe your body at the same time? Black Cherry Soda is where it’s at! Black Cherry Soda is covered in a layer of sticky trichomes that coat its densely-packed flowers. Its origins remain a mystery. Yet, it has spawned other notable strains, including Black Dahlia and Ace of Spades. The aroma of Black Cherry Soda is a delightful combination of berries with earthy undertones. But where this strain shines is its distinct, delicious flavour that is true to its name. Its flavour is vital. This strain does taste like black cherry soda! There is also a lovely creamy aftertaste that users may notice after their second or third puff.
But the good times don’t stop there! The effects of Black Cherry Soda are uplifting, with energizing cerebral effects more typical of sativa. Yet, sticking with its indica roots, it also provides a pleasant yet mild body high. This strain is best-suited to daytime activities or a wake-and-bake. Many users also report feelings of enthusiasm and creativity.
Black Cherry Soda also provides a euphoric high that motivates productivity. The cerebral effects are unlike any other! The initial high presents as a head buzz that works its way from the back of your head down your spine to your shoulders. After a few more tokes, you will be feeling a dreamy body tingle that makes its way into all the right places.

Plant type: Sativa

Subcategory: Dried Flower

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