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When you smoke Skunk XL, she offers a wonderfully balanced effect thanks to her 50% Indica, 50% sativa genetics. Like a good Indica, she provides a strong body high that is extremely relaxing and calming, but without the heavy “couch-lock” effect that comes along with some other Indica's. From her sativa side, she initiates an uplifting and euphoric head buzz, so her effect is more energetic and not as narcotic as some other balanced hybrids. The combined Indica-sativa power of Skunk XL makes her a great smoke for all kinds of occasions—superb if you want to chill alone or with friends, and great to enjoy at any time—day or night.
Skunk XL is also a good cannabis strain for medicinal users seeking both physical and cerebral effects that are neither overwhelming nor too understated.
The original Skunk had a pungent scent that gave the strain her iconic name—a “stinky” smell that strongly resembled the unmistakable stench from a skunk. Modern Skunk varieties still have a very intense aroma, which is perhaps best described as both sweet and stinky, with earthy and subtle citrus notes. Unlike the name suggests, the aroma is not off-putting, but is cherished by cannabis aficionados who are immediately revitalized by the iconic smell. Just make sure that you have good air filtration in place if you want to grow Skunk XL indoors. Very similar to her aroma is her taste. Smoke her, and Skunk XL pleases with a sweet, fruity flavor with some evident notes of earth. A highly enjoyable smoke that can make it difficult to put her down once you get your first few hits!

Plant type: Hybrid

Subcategory: Dried Flower

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