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How to recognize good quality weed in 5 steps

There is nothing more disappointing than arriving home to find out that the weed you’ve just bought isn’t of the best quality. But be assured, this doesn’t have to happen to you again. 

Smell the weed
Well-grown weed can be recognized by its distinctive pungent aroma. Generally speaking, the stronger the weed smells, the better the quality. So don’t be afraid to open the bag of weed to smell it first. Do you immediately recognize the slightly sweet, fruity, sour, or even citrus-like aromas? Then you are probably dealing with a good quality product. If you have trouble recognizing the smell or if the weed smells more like grass or hay, then it’s better not to buy this weed. You are probably dealing with weed that has not been harvested or dried properly.

Green color
After you have sniffed the weed, it is time to take a look at the buds. You can recognize good weed by the color of the buds. If the buds have a nice green color then you are dealing with weed that has been grown well. This is the color you are looking for. Are there more brown, yellow, or red tones in the buds? Then you are dealing with old weed or weed that has got bud rot in it. It’s not advisable to buy this type of weed. 

Airy or compact structure
After examining the color of the buds you will want to look at the structure of the weed. If you have chosen an Indica weed then it should have dense and compact buds. Does your weed have airy buds? Then this is often a sign that the weed has not been grown well. If you choose a Sativa strain then the buds should be airier. As long as these are fairly densely packed you are dealing with a perfectly fine product. The structure of the weed is also determined by the moisture content. You want the weed to feel crunchy and easy to crumble. It is not a good sign though when the weed feels too dry and is easy to crumble into powder.

Do you see trichomes?
The most reliable way to recognize good weed is to check the buds for trichomes. In fact, well-grown weed is full of trichomes that have a milky white appearance. Trichomes are the resin glands on the female buds that are responsible for the production of resin and cannabinoids. When there are enough trichomes on the buds this means that the weed has been given enough time to optimally cultivate the active substances that you want in your weed, such as THC and CBD. Trichomes are hard to see with the naked eye, but with a magnifying glass, you can easily recognize the trichomes on your weed.

Time for a joint
If the weed has passed the smell and sight tests then in all likelihood you are dealing with a good quality product and you are ready for the final test. Rolling a joint and smoking the weed you have tested. Only by smoking the weed will you be able to tell if you have chosen a quality weed. During the smoke test, pay attention to the taste of the joint. Your joint should have a spicy or coffee-like taste when you have bought an Indica marijuana strain. If you have chosen a Sativa, then it should have a more sour, citrus-like taste. If you taste a musty grassy flavor, then you are dealing with weed that is not properly dried or is too fresh still.