THC Cartridge Vape 0.8g - SOVRIN

Sovrin Extracts
0.8 ml Cartridge | Refillable | Fits most Vape Pen batteries including Toko & Level

With a THC content just over 90% Sovrin Extract’s THC Distillate is one of the most potent products on the market. The fact that it also contains added terpenes makes this product even more impressive.
[comes with one 0.8ml cartridge]
please note, some strains are limited runs and may not always be available – NEW FLAVOURS JUST ADDED!!! (See Below)

Sovrin Extracts specializes in products that contain Clear Distilled THC – a solvent free THC distillate unmatched in purity, potency & flavour.

Distillate | Sativa | Indica | Hybrid

Subcategory: Cartriges

Plant type: Hybrid

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