1.1G Original Drizzle Factory Pens

The 5.0 1100MG THC Distillate Vape Pen is a new generation of vape pens that offer discreet sessions and no cutting agents or metals. The only thing you’ll be inhaling is pure cannabis, and with fun flavours to choose from. Absolutely no Propalyne glycol and/or Vegetable Glycerine. Check out our wide assortment of flavours and start feeling groovy on the go!

This pen is rechargeable, so you can charge it up for a few minutes and pop it in your purse or pocket for some quick hits on the go.

FAQ - How do I get my pen to pull?
When you first get your pen, you will have to press the Button on the side 5 TIMES! That turns the device on for you! If you would like to turn it off you can press the side again 5 times. You DO NOT have to push the button to toke!

Tested Delta 9 distillate, no vegetable oil glycerin, no vitamin E, no propylene glycol. Organic base, solvent free

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