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Same day Weed Delivery in Oakville

Get best Cannabis Delivery in Oakville, offering the good quality Ounce Deals, AAAA weed strains, Hash, Concentrates, and Vapes, all from THCity Cannabis.
About Thcity online dispensary in Oakville
THCity is the top weed delivery service in Oakville, providing a large assortment of cannabis products. This includes a collection of rare AAAA marijuana strains, a variety of your favourite THC infused edibles, shatter bars, vapes, pre-rolls, hashish, sauce, tinctures other concentrates, and more products with CBD also.
Our THC/CBD/CBN infused Goods Menu:
We’ve got a diverse selection of strains, including top-shelf varieties from Canada. From sativas to indicas and hybrids, we’ve got it all at THCity cannabis in Oakville. Our lineup features the best AAAA weed and true quads, handpicked from the top cannabis producers in B.C. and Ontario. You can grab our products in quarters, half ounces, and ounces.
Get ready to have top-quality edibles like shatter bars, essential THC gummies, and buudabombs delivered right to your doorstep in Oakville & GTA. If you’re a fan of a strong THC experience but prefer not to smoke, we’ve got some of the best lab-tested edibles around. Our Chocolate Bars pack a punch with powerful cannabis effects and easy consumption, making your worries melt away.
Looking for vape cartridges in Oakville? Look no further! We’ve got cartridges that work seamlessly with your current battery and vape pen. Plus, you can even snag a brand new vape pen battery right from us in Oakville. And that’s not all, we also carry Terra Tonic and Storm Extracts 100’s vapes, and more to satisfy your vaping needs!
We’ve got the biggest collection of concentrates in Oakville! And here’s the cherry on top: grab 3, and we’ll throw in the 4th for free! Concentrates are the way to go if you need a stronger THC kick. You can order all sorts of concentrates from our online dispensary in Milton.
THCity introduces a wide range of premium, 100% Natural CBD products to Oakville, including CBD Tinctures, CBD Edibles, CBD Capsules, CBD Vapes, CBD Lotions, Topicals, and more! For guidance in choosing the ideal product for your requirements, don’t forget to check out our Guide to CBD.
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New Strains Added To Our Oakville Cannabis Dispensary

Check our New Arrivals and Bestsellers Cannabis Products in Oakville first.

How To Order From Our Oakville Dispensary

We offer deliveries between 12pm and 9pm every day of the week in Oakville. Additionally, for those seeking shipping, we provide Mail Order Marijuana services. Register to buy weed online from our Oakville-based online dispensary. Your account will be swiftly approved, and you will receive a confirmation email. In the meantime, you can browse our weed shop and add items to your cart and be ready to set a delivery time for the same day!
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Sales Deals Added To Our Oakville Cannabis Dispensary

Looking for some great budget buds and affordable weed deals in Oakville? You’re in luck! We’ve got ounce deals starting at just $60 (sometimes even less!), and you can snag discounts on edibles and mushrooms too.
Oh, and don’t miss our Mix & Match Strains!